Art Program Curriculum Narrative

One of the strengths of the Art Program is our ability to align the art projects with many other subjects in the regular curriculum.  Lessons in a particular principle that is being taught can be adjusted to augment most subjects that come up in social studies, religion, reading, literature, math or science. 

Students will:

  • Recognize Elements of Art and Principles of Design
  • Be able to draw a likeness 
  • Be comfortable with a variety of media
  • Study several artists and include art history from the Early Egyptians, through Greece and Rome to European and American artists including multicultural art, particularly Native American and Asian Art, in coordination with the Social Studies programs of various grades.  
  • Develop both creativity and critical thinking, learning to visualize, development of fine motor skills and being able to follow visual and oral directions are other valued components of the art program, which have great carry-over to other subject areas. 
  • Continue to develop a love of God, a reverence for life and an appreciation of nature.
  • Study artists from several cultures.  Respecting the work of others, whether we are looking at a well known artist or that of another student, is an important “rule” in the art classroom.