Grade 6 Curriculum Narrative

The sixth grade curriculum introduces the students to the Old Testament. The students will:
 Learn that we share a common ancestry with the people of the Old Testament  Understand that it is through the Bible that God reveals himself to us  Become more familiar with the historical figures called by God to be our examples of faith  Develop a timeline of biblical events  Learn the differences between the Old and New Testaments  Become more proficient in their ability to locate, identify and discuss passages in both the Old and New Testament.  Continue to reinforce our Catholic Identity through prayer, practice and study of sacraments and liturgical seasons  Throughout the year the students will have opportunities to participate in service projects and continue to develop their spirituality through a variety of prayer experiences and activities.

The focus of the sixth grade English curriculum is to review, reinforce and expand the student’s knowledge and practice of proper grammar usage. Areas of study will include:
 Identification and Use of the Parts of Speech in sentences  Qualities of Nouns and Pronouns  Types of Verbs  Principal Parts of Verbs  Adjectives, Adverbs, Prepositions  Vocabulary Development and Spelling  Development of sentence structure in Writing VOCABULARY in Action is the vocabulary component of the English curriculum. Each chapter provides students with a variety of practice exercises to enhance and reinforce vocabulary skills.

Literature should offer the student the opportunity to express his/her opinions about a selection and develop an awareness of a broad range of writing. The following topics in their reading:  Parts of a Story  Stages of the Plot  Literary Genres  Fiction  Non Fiction  Poetry  Drama Students will reinforce their reading and comprehension skills and continue to develop writing skills.

Social Studies
The focus of the sixth grade curriculum is to develop the student’s knowledge of the historical, cultural and physical significance of the ancient civilizations. The civilizations to be explored will be:  Mesopotamia  The Fertile Crescent  Egypt  India  China  Greece A Geography component is also part of our curriculum. The student will develop:  Understanding of the 5 Themes of Geography  Become more familiar with geographic terms  Strengthen location skills  Complete a long range Geography project We will enhance our awareness of Current Events through the Jr. Scholastic Magazine.

The course curriculum includes whole number computation, fractions, decimals and percents. We will also learn about measurement, geometry, algebra and probability. We also do weekly journal writing and word problems to help students realize life is a word problem.

We have much to learn through investigation and experimentation. We will be investigating what makes up matter and identifying compounds and what they contain. We will also be learning about gravity, motion and Newton’s Laws and electricity.