Advancements in our rapidly changing world necessitate the acquisition of technological skills to enable students to achieve their potential. Our goal is to present and strengthen the skills students need to access, interpret, and synthesize information that is constantly changing. The administration and staff of St. Francis Xavier School recognizes the importance of integrating technology into the curriculum and strives to provide a seamless integration. Thus, technology is used as a tool for learning and developing critical thinking skills across the content area.

Technology enhances and enriches as well as extends the existing curriculum. It is used in a variety of ways within the classroom and computer lab setting. The classroom teacher and the technology specialist collaborate to maximize the effective use of technology in support of the school curriculum.

All students receive formal instruction in a sequential curriculum in computer literacy. Students are assisted in accessing, generating, processing, and transferring information by using appropriate technologies. All of our classrooms have wireless technology and SMART Boards and Apple TV technology are available in all grades to communicate information and to support instruction and assessment. St. Francis Xavier School has developed and maintains a technology plan designed to continuously support the implementation of the educational mission of the school.