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Admissions Policy

    • St. Francis Xavier School accepts students regardless of nationality, race, religion or sex
    • Admissions Procedure Registration for all incoming students begins during Catholic Schools Week in January.
    • Acceptance is conditional upon receiving all health and immunization records, original birth certificates, nonrefundable deposits, academic references and/or academic reports when applicable.
    • No student will be accepted with an outstanding financial obligation to another Catholic School.

    The admission process consists of: a preliminary interview with the student(s), parent(s) or guardian and the principal, a day visit to the school by the student, and a review of all educational records. Acceptance is conditional upon the receipt of all educational records, health records, and nonrefundable deposits and fees. A final decision will then be made regarding the needs of the student and the ability of St. Francis Xavier School to meet these needs. St. Francis Xavier School reserves the right to recommend alternate school settings when students would be better served in another environment