It is the mission of St. Francis Xavier School to make our school available to all who desire a Catholic education for their children. This requires us to vigorously maintain the financial well-being of our school so that we can continue to provide the outstanding programs that we offer.

We have a formalized financial aid program with our tuition management program FACTS. A live link is available below. Families with significant financial need who are seeking financial aid are able to apply online in a secure and confidential way.  Each application will be reviewed based upon the documented financial need obtained through the application process.  An assessment of need by FACTS does not guarantee that financial aid will be granted.

                                                     FINANCIAL aID iNFORMATION & Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to apply! 

Financial Aid Applications Open:  11/1/2020
New and returning Applicants may begin their 2021/22 Grant & Aid applications.

Application Deadlines:
New Applicants:  September 1st, 2021  
Returning Applicants:  April 30th, 2021 

New Students/Applicants:          The first Friday of each month beginning in April 2021
Returning Students/Applicants:  No later than May 31st, 2021

Correspondence from G&A comes from:  [email protected]   (be sure to check spam and mark as safe sender if needed)

St. Francis Xavier Contact:   Mr. Murphy, [email protected]
Sacred Heart Contact:          Vicki Dromey, [email protected]

                                                                                         FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

How do I apply for need based financial aid?  Applications are submitted through the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment online application process. The application can be found at Welcome Grant & Aid Applicant (

What documents do I need?  Your most recent W-2(if applicable), 1040(tax return) and supporting documents.

Do I need to re-apply for financial aid if I have received an award in the past?  Yes.  All families must submit a new application each year.  If the criteria is still met, your award(s) will be maintained.

Will I be considered for or receive financial aid BEFORE I apply to Sacred Heart?  No.  Financial aid applications are reviewed and considered for new students/applicants who have applied via our online application process for admission.  Please use this link to apply (there is a $35 non-refundable application fee):  Sacred Heart School - Application - Create an Account (

If I am a new student, will my seat be held until I learn how much assistance I may receive:  We understand that committing to a tuition contract for your child or children may be dependent on the amount of assistance you will receive.  We will do our best to hold a seat for you, but enrollment cannot be dependent upon receiving financial assistance.  

When will I hear if I received financial assistance:  Applications are reviewed during the first week of April, May, June, July and September(earlier if funds have been depleted).   We will inform families of any financial aid award amounts approximately 1-2 weeks after we have submitted your application to Catholic Schools Foundation. If you are not awarded enough financial assistance to make it affordable then you may withdraw your enrollment.  There is no penalty in withdrawing if this occurs. 

How is need calculated:  The primary analysis used for FACTS applications is need based analysis. This is where FACTS compares the family’s income and expenses to determine the level of financial assistance a family needs. The income after core expenses is what is left after the core expenses are subtracted. Core expenses would be those expenses that are necessary for the family such as housing, food, utilities, etc..  Extra curricular activities are not taken into consideration as they are not considered a "core (necessary) expense".  We (the school) are also willing to hear about other extenuating circumstances.  Examples would be, but not limited to, caring for an elder, unexpected home repairs or automobile costs, income loss due to COVID, etc.  

How will I receive my award:  If your family is awarded financial aid and you have set up your FACTS tuition payment plan, your award is applied directly to your plan.  All remaining payments will be adjusted to reflect the financial aid tuition reduction.