Arrival & Dismissal Guidelines

 Please adhere to these guidelines for the safety of all students. 

  • Students should not arrive earlier than 7:35 a.m. unless a student is participating in a school sponsored activity. Students may enter the building at 7:45 am. 
  • A faculty member will be on duty at 7:40 a.m. 
  • Parents must assume responsibility for students who arrive before the designated time. 
  • Buses and cars enter the driveway off Park Avenue. 
  • ONE-WAY TRAFFIC - Exit onto Pleasant Street. 
  • Absolutely no parking is allowed on either side of the driveway in front of the Parish Center. 
  • Dismissal is at 2:30 p.m. 
  • Students riding the bus are dismissed first. 
  • Buses park by the flagpole in the church parking lot. 
  • Students riding in individual cars are dismissed from the main entrance facing the schoolyard. Students are instructed to meet their cars in the schoolyard. 
  • ABSOLUTELY NO PARKING in the driveway, flagpole area or Pleasant Street. 
  • Students will be waiting for drivers at the main entrance. 
  • Any change in a student’s normal dismissal requires a note to the office explaining the change. For example, if a student is normally a bus rider but will be walking or riding with someone else, a note must be submitted. We cannot allow students to change dismissal plans by word of mouth .If a note is not presented, a student will be sent home via their normal mode. 
  • Once the Teacher on Duty Sounds the Whistle, No Student May Come Off of the Porch and Any Student Not Yet in a Vehicle Must Return to the Porch and Remain There Until Dismissed by the Teacher on Duty. 
  • We Cannot Allow Students to Be Moving Through the Parking Lot When Vehicles Are Moving. Student Safety is Our Priority. 

            We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.