All students are expected to wear the proper school uniform from the time they arrive at school until they are off school grounds. On gym days, the gym uniform may be worn all day. Uniforms can be ordered through Donnelly's Uniforms of South Weymouth, or at their online store.

Boys’ Uniforms ~ Grade 5-8
uniform dress pants with a black or brown belt only  (NO CARGO PANTS)
Navy Polo knit shirt with school logo (long or short sleeved).  Shirts are to be completely tucked into pants and all buttons buttoned, including top button.
Tan or white socks only (above ankle height)  No other colored, or socks with designs.
Black, blue, brown or tan leather dress shoes (NO BOOTS, NO SNEAKERS, NO MOCCASINS)
Warm weather uniform (Sept 1 – Nov. 1/April 1 – June)  DONNELLY’S KHAKI shorts, navy polo, khaki or white socks. (NO CARGO SHORTS)
Sneakers may be worn with warm weather uniform only.

Girls Uniforms ~ Grade 5-8
skirts or pants.  Skirts may be no shorter than two inches above the middle of the knee.
Navy polo knit shirt with school logo (long or short sleeved). Shirts are to be tucked under to meet the waist of the skirt.
Navy knee socks or tights or ankle socks.  (Above ankle)
Black, blue, brown or tan leather dress shoe (NO HIGH HEELS, NO BOOTS, NO SANDALS, NO CLOGS, NO SNEAKERS, NO MOCCASINS).
Navy, black or school issued hair accessories only.
Warm weather uniform (Sept 1 – Nov 1/April 1 – June) DONNELLY’S KHAKI shorts or skorts, navy polo shirt.  Navy or white knee or ankle socks.  Sneakers may be worn with warm weather uniform only.

Gym Uniform
September - October/April - June
Navy sweatpants or shorts with school logo (no cut off sweatpants)
Navy t-shirt with school logo.
Navy sweatshirt with school logo.

November - March
Navy sweatpants/t-shirt/sweatshirt with school logo.
All students wear black or white ankle/crew socks.  No colored or socks with designs.
Students wear gym uniform to school on assigned gym day.

Students may wear casual but appropriate clothing to celebrate their birthdays or on announced dress down days.  Students with summer birthdays may choose a day to dress down during the school year except on days when they will attend Mass.

General Guidelines 

  • No bare shoulders or midriffs 
  • No flip-flops 
  • No sheer clothing 
  • No torn, shredded or clothing with holes 

General Information

  • Makeup and nail polish is not to be worn at any time. 
  • Jewelry is limited to a watch, simple cross or holy medal on a narrow chain. No bracelets, thick chains, wallet chains, or cords. 
  • Latest fads in shoes, jewelry, haircuts, and head bandanas, are not permitted. 

Final determination of school appropriate clothing will be made by the Principal.