PBIS Program


PBIS is a proactive approach to promoting school safety and good behavior. Students are encouraged to do the right thing, and they are rewarded for doing so.  Students and teachers are all Voyagers in pursuit of the greater good, with Faith at the helm. 

Monthly Goals are the areas focused on by the whole school, for example, last month’s goal was Citizenship. Teachers and staff are on the lookout for students displaying acts that reflect the month’s attribute, and award students with Ship Chips.  When a homeroom collects 150 Ship Chips, they earn a Class Celebration.  When all nine homerooms earn their class celebrations, the school earns a School-wide Celebration

Our first goal of Citizenship-- being respectful of others, of school property, following rules, being honest and dependable, and giving back to the community– has been reached by all homerooms, and in celebration of that accomplishment, students received their Voyager t-shirts. The first school-wide celebration will be the opening of a school store. Our projected opening date is set for the week of Spirit Week, the week of St. Patrick's Day. We will be inviting our school community to participate in the selection of a name for the school store. Be on the lookout for an email with a survey to suggest names. The second round of class celebrations have been voted on in each homeroom and will be different for each homeroom. They include dress down days, themed days, safe snacks, and more.

Our new Monthly Goal is Leadership.  We held an assembly prior to vacation to announce this new goal and were very proud of the leadership displayed by our 8th Grade Class as well as our Grade 5 students.  The qualities our teachers will be on the lookout for are:

Accountability- respect, integrity, responsibility, problem solving, shared ownership, solution-seeking, motivation, inspiring
Compassion- empathy, intentional listening, inclusiveness, humility, openness, approachable, kindness
Teamwork- communication, vision, clear expectations, collaborations, contributions, goal setting, decision making

Voyagers is our new school mascot name! We think that “St. Francis Xavier School – Home of the Voyagers” has a nice ring to it!  There will be a PBIS page added to our website so that parents and families can follow along with this exciting program. It provides the students with the opportunity to interact with other grades; a point that was brought up in the parent surveys.  Please ask your child about this program and follow our Voyagers’ journey on social media and our website.