Saint of the Month

Each month a new saint is assigned for the students to learn about.  At the end of each prayer during the day, we ask this saint to pray for us. Students read about the saint’s life, write about the saint, and participate in arts and crafts!  At the end of each month, an assigned class presents on the saint.  We’ve enjoyed plays illustrating the life of the saint, poems recited, songs and merely writing his/her name on a paper heart which will then be placed on the walls of the school.

September – St. John Paul II
October – Blessed Carlo Acutis
November – St. Francis Xavier Cabrini
December – St. Juan Diego
January – St. John Bosco
February – St. Brigid
March – St. Katherine Drexel
April - St. Gianna Beretta Molla
May – St. Philip Neri
June – St. Thomas More